Saturday, October 5, 2013

Easy Cheater's Recipe: Pumpkin Pancakes

Pumpkin is one of our favorite veggies these days.  When the fam sees the pumpkin on the counter, they dance.  Even the engineer.

I've been recalcitrant in my duties cooking the pumpkin mush, so last night I scooped it into one cup portions, dropped each in to a baggie, flattened them and stacked them in the freezer.

Only one thing comes from processing and storing your fresh produce: a burst of energy and cravings for the very food you just stored for the winter.  Another reason to plant a winter vegetable garden: there will be nothing left from summer.

This morning it is the Easy Cheater's Recipe For Pumpkin Pancakes:

Use the Bisquick and the recipe from the box it's in.  Add one cup of pumpkin mush, one half teaspoon cinnamon and one dash of pumpkin spice.

I used to try to reduce the milk if the pumkin was very wet, but that made them taste like tortillas.  Or Wasa bread.  Or some other bready food that mostly gets its flavor from the flour.  If the pumpkin is very juicy, try to drain it a little.

Depending on how you cook the pumkin and what kind you have, sometimes the mush is really soft like baby food or kinda grainy like oatmeal.  We used to like the really soft and now we've switched to the kinda grainy but it really depends on what you are making and what texture you want when it's finished.

If you want a smooth, creamy texture, use very soft pumpkin or put the grainy stuff through the mini-chopper.  Sometimes if I'm baking cookies the smooth stuff makes the recipe a little soft.  The grainy pumpkin still has the flavor, but not the gooeyness. 

If you don't like texture in your food, make the pumpkin mush smooth!

It's a very easy recipe.  We top ours with honey.

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