Sunday, October 20, 2013

Luffa Sponge Pizza

I made luffa sponge pizza Friday and again tonight.  Friday's was better.  I hope it wasn't just beginner's luck, because I plan on making it again.  It was good.

I grew the tomatoes, pureed them and cooked them into a paste that I used for Friday's pizza.
Today's pizza was the same tomatoes, pureed and cooked to a sauce rather than a paste.  Go with the ...

The luffa sponges were picked finger size and sliced very thin.  So thin they were bendable.
Pepperoni on top of that and Parmesan cheese.  Tonight I also added mozzarella.  It was better with just the Parmesan.  The mozzarella hid the flavors too much.

The crust was just the canned stuff from the refrigerated dough section at the grocery store.  I realize it's loaded with everything bad that was ever made in a factory, but seriously I grew the tomatoes.  How much do I have to do to be perfect?  Maybe internet standards are ridiculous?  Maybe more people need to  volunteer at soup kitchens or go on missions to third world countries so they can quit being so competitive and judgmental about the details every meal.  Oh, did that slip out?
The luffa sponge pizza was excellent.   Cook the crust until it's a tiny bit brown before you add the toppings.  That's what I did on Friday and it made the pizza a little too crunchy, but it was better than tonight which was a little too soft.

That's two luffa recipes tried and two we will make again because both were good.  Luffa plants are impossible to kill, and rarely get diseases that other squash and cucurbits catch.  It needs a lot of room and somthing big to climb on or you will have them in your trees.  Great plant.  Put it on your list to start indoors before frost becasue it has a really long growing cycle.  That's only if you plan on getting finished sponges.  If you are growing them for vegetables you can harvest them shortly after they bloom and those will be ready in half the time.

It only took me 25 years to get the courage to try them!

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