Monday, October 14, 2013

Dry It before you Buy It.

Maybe I should have planned better.  OK, not maybe. 

Did you ever see some article or video that just clicked?  It made perfect sense and (for a change) you jumped in with follow-through

I saw this video on YouTube of this guy and his giant (wait for it..)
dehydrator he built from some windows and an outhouse looking shed thing.  Man! He had done so much!  Impressive.  Motivational. Sign me up. 

The next day I ran across an ingenious little greenhouse on clearance.  It was still $45 even after the mark down but I bought the cute contraption anyway.  Off-label uses may include turning it into a tiny vegetable drier.  At least that was my off-label use.

You see, even stored fruits and veggies taste better if you use good quality produce.  Jam is tastier from ripe, local berries.  Dried tomatoes are zestier from dark-red, ripe tomatoes.  The quality of your produce impacts flavor down the line, like dominoes.  My foodie child and I love good tasting food all year, not just during pesto season.  And he's already eaten the jam.

Here's what to do (or do differently)...
Try to pick at peak.    Here's a link from  Clemson to explain if you don't know when to pick a vegetable. 

Because my enthusiasm didn't last long enough to build little screens and trick out the sides and bottom to be critter-proof and because the whole thing is pretty heavy, the cute greenhouse is still folded up on my patio.  The guy in the video has his as a permanent out building.  Some HOA enforcers in my 'hood would f-r-e-a-k.

After you have sourced great, fresh produce, you might just want to buy a dehydrator.  That is my plan for this afternoon.  Have you seen my pile of jalapenos?  I wonder if it will dry eggs...

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