Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Check Out The Drunken Botanist!

The squirrels aimed well, but my avoidance tactics were better.  I made it to the table of sharp-cornered new books and surveyed the choices.  Then I went to meet the author.

Amy Stewart, one of the writers behind the popular Garden Rant blog I have guest posted on.  She has just released: The Drunken Botanist on Algonquin Books.  If you like eating and drinking the same boring food everyday, this book is NOT for you.  This book covers plant uses and combinations to add a little zip to your mix.

One of her older titles drew me in though: Wicked Bugs.  Nothing says "mother of boys" like a middle aged woman buying a book about bugs that aren't garden and house pests just creepy crawleys that are creepy. It's a great motivator for boys to read and unlike the 'Diary of...' books, all homonyms are really the correct word they should be.  I'm sure I knarled the grammar up explaining that, but you get it, right?  They kids can learn the correct spelling and word usage by reading.  I like that.  We are past the days when my goal is just to get them to hold a book or read anything.  Wicked Bugs has real science material along with correct word usage.  Amy Stewart is out to win the heart of every mother of a boy who hates to read.  

Now there is even a traveling educational exhibit of Wicked Bugs.  Awww.  They are so cute.

You have not missed the opportunity to thank this lovely author or get her to sign your copy!  She is in Atlanta again today and here is a link to other dates on her book tour!

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